3 Ways To Break Your Fashion Rut

Sometimes a plain pair of blue denim just doesn’t cut it, nor does a classic leather jacket! We all have that one phase where none of the items in our closet seem appealing to us and we’re itching to buy some new clothing that will curb this feeling of boredom that’s taking over. It’s the cost of stocking up on…
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Shop my Wardrobe

Shop my Wardrobe

Grommets, Tweed and Leather – Fall 2017 Trends

Fall is THE SEASON for wearing edgier clothes! While you may think that edgy dressing is not for everyone, you might want to reconsider that. There are plenty of options available that will ensure you get onto the bandwagon of this fabulous trend. I’m bringing you three items that you can buy right away and bring some classic edge to…
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An All Black Look – Anything But Basic

An all black outfit is the most basic outfit you can get your hands on, right? Well, not entirely. Black is a universal color and when paired with accessories that stand out can make for a fatal combination. Don’t believe me? Well, you’ve seen it before, here and here (Flower Power Rules). So how much of black is too much…
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